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Hematologic adverse effects including neutropenia have actually been reported. Hardly ever, relatively easy to fix thrombocytopenia, pancytopenia, leukopenia, and agranulocytosis have actually been stated. [Ref]

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Opposite results consisting of tinnitus, high temperature, preference, asthenia, and also fatigue condition have actually been stated rarely. At the very least one instance of hyperpyrexia in organization with famotidine (the energetic element had in Pepcid) usage has been stated. [Ref]

Severe Therapy: The advised grownup oral dosage for energetic duodenal ulcer is 40 mg as soon as a day at bedtime. Many individuals heal within 4 weeks; there is rarely need to utilize PEPCID at complete dose for longer than 6 to 8 weeks. A program of 20 mg b. i. d. is also efficient.

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Severe Therapy: The suggested adult dental dose for energetic benign intestinal abscess is 40 mg as soon as a day at going to bed.

The advised oral dose for therapy of grown-up individuals with signs and symptoms of GERD is 20 mg b. i. d. for as much as 6 weeks. The recommended dental dosage for the treatment of grown-up clients with esophagitis consisting of erosions and also ulcerations as well as accompanying signs due to GERD is 20 or 40 mg b. i. d. for approximately 12 weeks (view CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY IN ADULTS, Clinical Studies).

The studies described in PRECAUTIONS, Pediatric Patients

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